Remo Drive Defrag

Remo Drive Defrag - Innovative and Fast Defrag tool for Windows. A hard drive having lot of fragmented data can make even the latest computer with latest hardware to perform below par.

If you defrag your data on regular basis, especially on booting partitions / drives, you can gain an astounding performance boost of up to 100%.

Remo Drive Defrag is a vital tool for Windows that helps to defrag hard drives / partitions or even selected files. Remo Drive Defrag will make your hard drive boot faster and will improve your overall Windows performance.
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96 votes Vote

know how this defragmenter is better than the others on the market. What sets it apart from the competition?

Greg Manhart, 19.07.2012, 07:54
1 comment
42 votes Vote

What method Remo Software used to measure the boost of drive performance, and have they really ever saw the boost of 100%?

Curious, 19.07.2012, 09:30
1 comment
36 votes Vote

Make registration less complex

Boglin, 19.07.2012, 10:50
1 comment
31 votes Vote

$29.95 too much. its not popular .too many freeware alternatives on the web.

maynak00, 19.07.2012, 13:45
27 votes Vote

Still waiting on the sn's to register the program with over two hours ago>>

William Watkins, 19.07.2012, 14:57
1 vote Vote

Very easy to install and activate! I had my activation within seconds!

RJF, 19.07.2012, 19:55
0 votes Vote

Take less than an hour to analyze. In 14 years of computing, I have never found a slower defrag utility.

Yesterday, 19.07.2012, 15:31
0 votes Vote

will not install on 64-b Win7. Get error about side-by-side not configured correctly in the installer package.

Daniel, 19.07.2012, 15:37